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We are Sail Classic, we are a company of sailing charter . On our boat Grille we navigate the Mediterranean to offer you a unique holiday away from traditional tourist routes. Come and discover the routes between the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea and spend a dreamy week between hidden coves and crystal clear water .
Our captain Andrea will show you uncontaminated places and teach you the basics of navigation, while Caterina, the other crew member, will make you feel pampered by preparing delicious Mediterranean dishes.
Come on On Grille to savor the slow times of sailing to experience a unique experience, far from the hectic everyday life. Come to fall in love with sea, nature, people and food. But be carefull, you may not want to go back anymore.


About Us

We have always been united and moved by a genuine passion for sailing and yachting in all its aspects. We approached this discipline driven by a great personal desire and this environment enriched us. From the very beginning our project was guided by the love for the sea considered a medium spreading cultures and people.


Our Routes

If you imagine an ideal destination sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, the coast and the islands of the Ionian Greece are what you should think about. Spectacular lanscapes, hundreds of bays to moor, archaeological sites, regular wind, many bays where a boat can find a shelter. Not to mention the charm of cruising along the routes of Ulysses, our cruise is the synthesis of his travel. We are able to offer different types of holiday and satisfy every need.



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