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On the Routes of Ulysses Nord

The islands you will touch on the cruise are: Corfu, Paxos, Antipaxos, but also charming places on the coast of continental Greece.
Day 1 Boarding is scheduled for Monday at 5 pm from the Mandraki Marina (Corfu Sailing Club) inside the old Venetian fortress.
Once on board you will be welcomed with a welcome drink. After a brief briefing we will arrange luggage in the cabin. Dinner on the mainland. The city is all to discover offers many local bars, bars and an intense nightlife.

During our trip we will dedicate ourselves to sailing with sails explained, bathing in beautiful crystal clear waters, snorkeling in dream bays, getting to know locals and traditions, savoring typical dishes, spotting cetaceans, turtle bugs and fish Of every type, to celebrate every sunset with an aperitif in cockpit and watch beautiful starry skies, all relaxing and lulling from the sea.

Day 2 After a stop at the fruit and fish market in Corfu and having made a galley, we will be ready for departure to the far away Plataria where we will spend our first night at work.

Day 3 In the Plataria Gulf we will wait for the wind to sail to Paxos, a mountainous island and covered with olive trees, one of the islands of Ionic Greece most loved by visitors for its natural beauty and its quaint villages. It will be the weather to decide which country or bay to spend the night. (Gaios – Lakka – Logos – Ozia)

Day 4 From Paxos we will head for the continental coast where we will oregise under the castle of Alì Pasha and visit the charming town of Parga.

Day 5 Today we will head to the small and pristine Antipaxos where we will find a sheltered bay to spend the night at work.

Day 6 We will begin to go back to Corfu and the destination will again be in Epirus. We will head to Sivota – Mourtos, a fishing village that has become a popular tourist destination especially for the beauty of the small island archipelago that faces it.

Day 7 After exploring the famous Lagoon blue of Sivota we will go back to the port of departure on the island of Corfu where we will spend the last night of our cruise.

Day 8 Disembarkation is scheduled after breakfast by 10am

On the Routes of Ulysses Sud

The islands you will touch on the cruise are: Lefkada, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos, Ithaca and Kefalonia.
Boarding is scheduled for Monday at 17.00 at the Port of Preveza

Day 1 Boarding in the port of Preveza. Welcome with welcome drink, crew and boat presentation and luggage accommodation. Dinner on the floor.

Day 2 After having made a galley, we will sail south, navigate along the east coast of Lefkada and we will be able to admire the lush vegetation of the island. From the canal we will head to the famous Wheat Bay where we can enjoy the turquoise waters and the whitewashed sandy beach.

Day 3 We will arrive at Meganisi , passing through Skorpio, the famous island because it belonged to the Onassis family, the place of the wedding between Aristotele Onassis and Jackie in 1968. We will head to Kalamos, a small fishing village that has been rediscovered in recent years thanks to tourism nautical. There is the possibility of mooring in the small port of the country but often we prefer to sleep in the harbor at Porto Leone, a sheltered bay of great charm as the ancient fishing village remained only ruins and a typical little church that, for its colors , Stands out in the middle of the olive trees.

Day 4 Today, the destination will be the legendary island of Ulysses, whenever you arrive in Ithaca you experience a special emotion, reviving the myth of Odysseus. Vathy is the island’s capital, a large natural harbor where you can find many traditional taverns and souvenir shops.

Day 5 We will arrive to Kefalonia , the largest Ionian island. The place where we are going is Fiskardo , the only country left intact after the 1953 earthquake. Fiskardo is considered the Greek Portofino, characterized by colorful houses overlooking the harbor.

Day 6 We will head north and after a good sailing we will find mooring at Lefkada, here you can go down to the island and visit the island’s capital which still has a Venetian character. Its narrow lanes are full of charm, in the evening the main street of the center feeds until late at night.

Day 7 We will head for Preveza , where you can visit the remains of the ancient Roman city of Nikopolis founded by the Emperor Augusto in 31 BC after the victory in the Battle of Aktio. We’ll spend the night in the harbor.

Day 8 Disembarkation is scheduled after breakfast by 10am

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